Manipur State Legal Services Authority is fully dedicated to encourage settlement of cases through mediation, at present the Member Secretary of MASLSA is the only coordinator for Mediation. There are currently 24 trained judicial officers who have undergone 40 hours mediation training programme provided by trained mediators of Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee [MCPC] of Supreme Court. Mediation is conducted both for Pre-litigation and pending cases. In pre-litigation stage mediation, the disputes are settled before reaching the court. A good number of cases registered in the Legal Aid Clinics are being dealt in pre-litigation stage by the Para Legal Volunteers by issuing summons to the other parties and then these cases are being settled in mediation like proceeding [in short, hybrid mediation] by the Member Secretary, Manipur State Legal Services Authority. At present, state of Manipur has no Mediation Centre. Mediation are being conducted by judicial officers who are engaged with their own court's duty.

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