The State Legal Services Authority shall give effect to the policy and directions of the Central Authority and shall perform all such functions as specified in clauses (a), (b), (c) & (d) of sub-section 2 of section 7 Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 and shall also perform all or any of the following functions namely –

  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation of the directions of the Central Authority through the High Court Legal Services Committee and District Authorities
  • Organise Lok Adalats for amicable settlement of cases
  • To carry out and co-ordinate mediation activities for settlement of pending cases in courts as well as pre-litigation cases by conducting counseling and conciliation
  • Carry out schemes and programmes of promoting the clause of legal aid, legal literacy and other legal service with the help of, and in coordination with, governmental agencies, and non-governmental voluntary social service institution, Universities and other bodies engaged in the work of promoting the cause of legal service to the poor
  • Organise and encourage Special legal aid, legal advice, legal literacy and other legal services schemes and programmes, in particular, within the areas predominantly inhabited by Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other weaker sections of the society and also within far flung areas of the state.
  • Formulate and undertake preventive and strategic legal aid programmes in coordination with the Government and the High Court towards reducing and discouraging litigation and making certain areas free from litigation.
  • Formulate, in consultation with the Central Authority, schemes and programmes as are considered appropriate for providing legal services to the poor and other weaker sections of the society.
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